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My name is Eduardo Lopez, and I am the proud owner. My goal from the time I first opened this shop in May of 1987 is to provide the public with honest, top quality transmission repair work at a fair price. I began my career as an automotive technician in 1975 after receiving an Honorable Discharge from the U. S. Army. The information I am providing to you on this Website is designed to help you feel at ease during a time when you may be experiencing some anxiety over choosing the right repair facility. My approach to transmission repair will surely save you money many miles down the road, and as an added bonus ensure the personal safety of you and your family. In the unlikely event you need to return for warranty service, you can rest assured that I will still be in business because this shop is built firmly on a foundation called Customer Satisfaction.

Today's Transmissions / Transaxles

Your car's transmission is, without question, the most complicated and least understood major component in today's automobiles. The design technology in today's automobiles exceeds the technology of the 1960's that landed the first Apollo spacecraft on the moon. Your transmission is a combination of sophisticated hydraulics, and computer controlled components. Often times a customer will contact the shop with a problem they believe is in the transmission when in fact it turns out to be a malfunction in the computer control system. For this reason, the only real way to find out exactly what is wrong with your car, and what is going to be required to prevent a repeat failure after the repairs are completed is to perform a complete and accurate diagnosis - free of charge. Let's say a car owner begins to experience a problem with their transmission taking too long to shift so they begin by calling various shops and asking "How much to overhaul my transmission?" Without taking the time to see exactly what the car is doing, and what's causing the malfunction, the shop owner replies "I can overhaul your transmission for $485.00." The customer responds, "Oh, that sounds great - when can you get to it?" The shop owner says "Go ahead and bring it in at 2:00 p.m. and we'll get to work on it for you right away." So at 2:00 p.m. the customer arrives at the shop and says, "Hi, I'm the person you spoke to earlier today about a transmission overhaul." The shop owner proceeds to assign one of his technicians and says to them "Hey Mike, go ahead and get started on this car next - the customer brought it in for an overhaul." So Mike brings the car into the shop and proceeds to remove the transmission from the vehicle. Along the way, he discovers the problem - a loose ground wire from the transmission to the chassis. He continues to follow the customer's request for an overhaul, and repairs the loose ground wire in the process. To no one's surprise, the transmission is shifting like new again. The trouble is, there was nothing wrong with the transmission to begin with. No one sold the car owner a new transmission - they simply provided the customer with what they asked for. If the car owner would have contacted the shop to schedule an appointment to diagnose their problem without any mention of an overhaul, then a completely different scencario would have taken place. Upon discovery of the loose ground wire, the shop would have an obligation to report their findings back to the car owner which would have saved them hundreds of dollars in unnecessary repair work.

Diagnosing Today's Transmissions

Although they may be trying to provide their customers with good service, shops that quote prices over the phone are doing just the opposite. In order for a qualified technician to be in a position to make the correct repair recommendation, certain criteria must be met. It begins by taking a road test with the customer to establish the exact nature of the problem in order to convey an accurate interpretation of the symptoms. Will one person's definition of a slipping condition, squeak, bump, grind, delay, squeal be the same as the professional technician who is trying to interpret those terms? In all likelihood, no. Next, have all the diagnostic procedures been performed in order to establish whether or not the problem is in the transmission to begin with? With today's sophisticated, electronically controlled transmission, an accurate diagnosis requires the use of "high tech" expensive diagnostic equipment before the professional technician can suggest a meaningful opinion. With anything less than the valuable information gathered during the diagnostic process, persons who quote prices are either guessing with virtually thousands of variables, or stating a meaningless price which will surely have to be adjusted once all the diagnostic data is obtained. We could compare this situation to a person who calls their dentist describing an oral pain over the phone. Is the pain they're experiencing caused by a gum infection, a cavity, the need for a root canal, or is the only solution a complete tooth removal? The average person would be less than confident if the dentist were to make a recommendation without asking them to come into the office and letting the dentist take a look first. The same is true with transmission repair - the only shop in a position to make a repair recommendation is the one that took the time to find out what caused the problem before they quoted you a price.

Needing a Diagnosis?

If you are presently experiencing problems with your vehicle then courteous professional help is just a phone call away. We can reduce your wait by scheduling an appointment ahead of time. Feel free to give us a call at (915) 591-4474 anytime during our regular business hours, Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Solving problems at a minimal cost while maintaining the highest level of workmanship is what has made us "A Shop Dedicated to Customer Satisfaction" for over 21 years.